And how do I know all of this?

My name is Ryan Young.

I'm a certified personal trainer, weight loss expert, and nutritional counselor and this is the story of how watching my neighbor cry led me to discover the poisonous chemical found in 74% of the foods we eat (especially in our so-called "healthy snacks") that will sabotage every diet and exercise regime you ever try to keep.16

But once you eliminate this chemical, you'll not only greatly reduce your chances of dying from those diseases, you'll experience: Because you'll immediately reset & re-activate your fat-burning hormones so your metabolism will regulate itself...

So you can eat to your heart's content and STILL lose weight.

It works 100% of the time - for EVERYONE (Including YOU)!

EVEN IF... You Have Little Time, Energy, Willpower, or Motivation.

EVEN IF... You Struggle With Cravings, Emotional Eating, Food Allergies, Pain or Injuries.

EVEN IF... You Have Poor Genetics, a Slow Metabolism, or Hormonal Issues.

EVEN IF... You've Tried Everything to Lose Weight and Are Feeling Frustrated, Discouraged, and Hopeless...

What I'm about to GIVE YOU ..WILL WORK for you!

But if you're skeptical, I get it.
Look, if you've ever tried to lose weight, you've probably been harassed with ads for over-promising and under-delivering products before. The truth is that it's hard to trust yet another miracle cure and if you are skeptical... I get it. I was skeptical too before reading the science behind it.
You'll be happy to hear that this discovery is that show the ugly truth about the foods we eat.
In fact, every time you see a quote with one of these numbers 1,2,3, it references the exact scientific study so that you can verify everything you're reading and be assured you'll get the results you've always wanted.

Maybe you crave that lean muscular body you always wished you had, that you thought was forever buried under the fat you can't seem to get rid of, no matter how hard you try.

Or maybe you want to get back the self-love and excitement you used to have in the bedroom instead of worrying about how your hips and belly look when the lights are on. I get these types of emails all the time where people tell me how much their romantic life improved.

I'll explain everything on how
You Can Effortlessly Lose 6 Pounds of Stubborn Fat in the Next 2 Weeks!1

My inbox is flooded with thank you letters and pictures from people just like you...
Because everyone who watches this video can transform their life.

These are just a few of the


who have experienced Effortless
and Dramatic Weight Loss.

Regardless of their age, sex, or current state of health

They all struggled with weight and tried everything under the sun to be able to lose weight.

They Tried Things Like...
Starving Themselves
Strenuous Exercise
Personal Trainers
Diet Pills

And the list goes on and on.

They packed on more and more fat every year and just wanted to give up their dream of having a healthy, good-looking body... Just like the kind of body you could experience yourself!

Thats right, Youll NEVER have to worry about any of those things EVER again!

without spending money on...

And forget about slaving away in a sweaty germ-filled gym for an hour every day, or starving yourself ever again.

Because you'll continue enjoying all the foods that you love.

That's right... You don't even have to put down the salt and butter.

It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, if you need to lose 3 pounds or 300, or if you're 18 or 80 years old... You'll NEVER have to worry about or STRUGGLE with weight loss ever again!
What you're about to learn in the next couple of minutes will finally give you
EVERYTHING that you need to transform your entire life.
In Fact, This Weight Loss Strategy Is So Effective, It's Been Featured In...

You'll learn which two hormones control hunger and how to make them automatically regulate your body like a naturally thin person so that you can finally have the body of your dreams. And trust me... the changes in your body will be remarkable.

In addition to possibly losing all of your excess weight:
  • Your Self-Confidence Will Soar
  • The Brain Fog and Sluggishness Will Disappear
  • You'll Eliminate Toxins and Regenerate Your Damaged Cells
  • Reverse the Effects of Aging
  • And in Less Than a Month You Could Look 5 Years Younger

But Don't Take My Word For It...

Recent research published in the Clinics of Dermatology journal found that...

this chemical acts directly on your cells, causing your body to age faster than it normally would.
As if that wasn't enough of a reason to stop ingesting this...

The scientists found that this chemical breaks down collagen and elastin fibers which prevents your skin from being able to repair itself. Collagen and elastin is what keeps your skin looking full and tight.

Yes... The science proves that you look older than you should because of this chemical.

But as soon as you stop ingesting this poison, Your skin starts to heal at the deep,
cellular level and reverses the damage you've inflicted over the years.

Because of This Natural Fat-Reversal Process,
Your Fat Cells Will Shrink, Making Cellulite Disappear
From Your Thighs, Legs and Butt.

Im going to show you just how easy it is.

Because after hundreds of groundbreaking studies from some of the most prestigious and reputable scientific organizations on the planet..

And literally hundreds of other institutions have proven that...

This is why you've tried and failed, and it's not your fault.

Think about it...

There are so many ways we are told we can lose weight...
Ah.. Plus All of the Diets


And you've witnessed this first hand.

Because of this chemical that you are unknowingly eating that is lurking in most of these foods.

You can probably see why this information is so powerful and potentially devastating to the profits of the $265 billion dollar food and weight loss industries. So after you finish watching this video, be sure to hurry up and share it with all of the people you care about so they can have results like this too!

Get Ready Because You're About to Experience a
Just like we've had.

This is a picture of me and my wife Rebecca in our hometown of San Marcos, California.

We are now in the best shape of our lives. And honestly I can't believe how ripped and shredded we've become. Because that's not how life looked just a couple months ago.

I used to be 93 pounds overweight.

I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was so exhausted just trying to keep up with my little boy, Alex. I was able to chase him for just 2 minutes.

And then I was so beat that I literally had to sit down. And I could see the disappointment in my son's eyes. All that my little boy needed from his dad was to have fun and play with his superhero... But I just wasn't able to give him that. The look on his face shattered my heart into pieces, and that's when I knew:

I was a prisoner in my own body, And I was a terrible example for my son. It wasn't until I lost those 93 pounds that I realized how much all that weight affected every area of my life.

I gave up on life and I felt like a failure, always slouched over with ZERO CONFIDENCE. And I never bought anything cool and trendy. They just didn't make it in my size.

My doctor said that if I don't lose this weight immediately, and get my type 2 diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol under control, that I'm 7 times more likely to die of a massive heart attack or be partially paralyzed after a stroke.

And how the statistics show that I'm on track to die 20 - 30 years early and miss out on so much of Alex's life.

And just when I was feeling totally hopeless and settling into the idea that I couldn't lose this weight no matter what I tried, and that this was the life that I was going to lead until I died...

Then I stumbled across this life changing information.
Kind of like you are RIGHT NOW!

You see, everything changed for me when I went to my neighbor's retirement party. I knew my neighbor Robert Thompson worked for a major food company, but I never knew exactly what he did.

Everyone was having a good time at the party, until it was winding down and as I was leaving, I saw Robert sitting on the couch in tears. I went over to check and make sure he was ok.

What he told me... The shocking things he described about his job...
Well, he absolutely blew the lid off what the diet industry
had been saying the past 30 years!
It was horrifying. Robert said that his 'retirement' was a joke! He actually resigned... From a high 6 figure job after over 30 years in the business...

He could no longer stomach how his employer was essentially poisoning people.

After his mother died from a terminal disease he realized that he was a part of the problem. He blamed himself for indirectly causing her death, And he felt he could no longer call himself a scientist.

It turns out Robert was one of the top Food Scientists in the country.

And what he was highly paid to do directly contributed to the public being OVERWEIGHT & DISEASED.

The things he and his colleagues did to the foods we eat every day... Made it nearly impossible to lose weight... on ANY diet method!

He and the other food scientists he worked with had been secretly adding chemicals into 74% of the foods we eat...16

They were adding chemicals that make these foods Extremely Addictive!

We're talking cocaine and heroin levels of addiction.

He went on to say: "But once you eliminate those chemicals from your diet..."
  • Your Addictions To Those Foods Would Quickly Disappear.
  • Your Metabolism Would Reset To That Of A Naturally Thin Person
  • You Would Experience Accelerated Weight Loss
  • All Of Your Deepest And Most Hardened Fat Will Literally Melt Away...
  • Along With All Of The Toxins That Were Encapsulated In Those Fat Cells.

  • And if you suffer from any of those common ailments I just mentioned, you'd be able to see them start to reverse almost immediately.
And if you suffer from any of those common ailments I just mentioned, you'd be able to see them start to reverse almost immediately.

He went on to say:

"Excitotoxins Is What They're Called."

These are chemicals that make your brain react like you just did a line of cocaine, but all you really did was have a so-called "healthy snack".

He said...

It all started in the 1980's when the tobacco companies were losing billions of dollars because everyone was quitting smoking after they realized how toxic cigarettes really were.

So, the tobacco companies decided to diversify and get into an industry thats even bigger and more profitable than cigarettes.

Big Tobacco Secretly Bought Up the Biggest Food Companies
To Make the Foods We All Eat... as Addictive as Cigarettes!

Don't you find it interesting that both quitting cigarettes and losing weight have the same 95% failure rate?

And have you noticed how there has been this massive increase in obesity, Type-2 diabetes, and a whole host of other medical issues over the last 30 years?

Do you think it's a coincidence?

Because I don't!

We were paid to figure out how to trick your hormones so that you'd become an addicted slave to our products... so that you wouldn't be able to stop eating these foods.

He said...

Have you ever eaten half a bag of chips and told yourself... "I'm stuffed, I can't eat anymore.",

But then you plow through the rest of bag til it's empty? Even though your stomach is starting to hurt... You still keep ramming more and more into your mouth? Literally... once you pop you can't stop. Do you think our bodies were designed to work like that? No... Of course not

Because these foods are filled with so many of these cocaine-like excitotoxins that your brain is having a dopamine-fueled fireworks show, and all you can think about is the next fix (that next bite, actually).

And then you pay for it.

Your belly hurts...

You have to lie down after the meal.

Maybe even take a nap.

And then your body goes into overdrive, packing more and more fat into every area of your body.

And This is Exactly Why So Many People FAIL on Their Diets!
He said a researcher at the University of California, San Francisco recently discovered documents showing that the food industry lobbyists paid scientists in the 1980s to downplay the link between this, obesity, and other major diseases.17,18

And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, Robert told me that the food companies started adding these chemicals to so-called "healthy snacks".

He went on to explain, I'm talking about the "Health Food Aisle" of your local grocery store.

The vast majority of these foods are NOT healthy, because the food companies laced these foods labeled as healthy... To trick you.

Vitamin Water

Fruit juice

Low Fat Yogurts

And even most "healthy" energy bars are worse for you AND more addicting than an actual candy bar!

And those "Diet Foods" are just making your weight go UP and UP!

He said even the FDA is aware of this.

In a rare interview with CBS News, former FDA Commissioner Dr. David Kessler revealed that FDA-approved chemical additives are created to be "so stimulating, they hijack our brain."19,20
The sole purpose for them is to stimulate your taste buds and get you addicted to the food.

And they found that they cause your brain cells to fire erratically until they burn out, which creates significant neurological damage that can Lead to Seizures, Parkinson's Disease, and even Dementia.

He said, "'s one big SCAM that has been going on for decades!". Robert and I talked throughout the night and into the early morning. The things he shared with me opened my eyes to things I never imagined possible. He said...

I told myself I would not allow this to happen to me, my family, or my friends...

And I'm not going to allow it to happen to YOU any longer, either.
Now you too will lose weight, feel healthy, and look and feel younger than you have in years.

A few days after that fateful discussion I called Robert to see if we could talk some more.

I wanted details about which foods had these poisons and more importantly which foods were SAFE to eat.

Which companies were doing this... what these poisons were called...

And what we could do about it!

Then he dropped a bombshell.

Robert said,

"Not only is the weight going to melt off when you stop ingesting these chemicals...

That's a given!"

Robert went on to say...

"Some of my colleagues and I decided to try to right our wrongs and find a solution to eliminate these poisons."

And we have isolated several specific teas, herbs and spices
that you can take at specific times of the day in specific quantities that will...

  • Regenerate Your Cells
  • Detoxify Every Cell in Your Body
  • Restore Your Normal Fat Burning Cycles
  • Kickstart Your Metabolism into High Gear

These herbs come from the indigenous people of the healthiest places on the planet. Places like San Borja, Thailand, & Macau.

Where they have much lower instances of heart disease and obesity, and their life expectancy is much longer than ours.21,22

He said these herbs not only make the fat loss process accelerate faster than you can imagine, they also help prevent the most deadliest illnesses.

And every single one of these miracles of nature are backed by peer-reviewed scientific studies that are 100% verifiable.

Like a recent study in Japan by Hiromu Ohnogi that reported consuming this green juice resulted in a significant reduction of visceral fat, body weight, and body fat.23
Researchers have studied a very unique herb from the Yunnan Province in China that significantly reduces total body weight and reduces fat cell size. They have found that it also significantly lowers total cholesterol, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels.24

A study in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine found that people who regularly consume this tea boost their metabolism and lose a pound a week without doing anything else to change their diet or exercise habits.25

In fact, research participants were instructed NOT to engage in any intense physical activity for the duration of the study.

And I saved the best for last...

There is a special kind of tea native to South Africa. Recently, scientists published research in the International Journal of Phytotherapy that found this tea prevented new fat cells from forming AND caused existing fat cells to SHRINK!!!!26

Robert then said,

Don't get me wrong. Eating the right foods is the core of your weight loss.

"Adding These Teas, Herbs, and Spices You'll Not Only Accelerate Your Weight Loss,
But You'll Detoxify All of Those Stored Poisons From Your Cells."

Just imagine for a Minute What That REALLY Means.

What would the absolute best version of yourself look like when you strip everything negative away?
  • Without the Weight
  • The Health Issues
  • The Sadness
  • The Guilt
  • The Sluggishness
  • The Depression

He said... "You have no idea what's in store for you, once you release these toxins from your body!
You're not going to recognize your old self."
So, after several more hours with Robert, and armed with all the information he gave me, I went home to map out a plan.

We would eliminate the foods with these dangerous addictive chemicals...

Once we knew what to look for... And what to avoid...

It quickly became clear that we weren't even depriving ourselves...

We were actually eating delicious foods.

And we never felt hungry, EVER.

All we did was stop eating the foods with the toxic additives and accelerated our results by including the recommended teas, herbs and spices.

And the Effects Were Nearly Instant.

On Day 1,

The fat started to melt off and I immediately noticed a massive energy boost that lasted all day.

I no longer felt bloated and sluggish.

My wife said her clothes were already fitting much better and she said she didn't feel like a stuffed sausage anymore.

It was only a couple of pounds I lost that first day, but I found myself walking a little taller. My chin up. Making eye contact with people. I felt so much better about myself.

My skin started to improve right away.

My typical sadness and depression was gone!

I felt... AMAZING!!!

Because I knew without a doubt that I was finally getting to accomplish my lifelong goal of being Thin and Healthy.

After only one week,
I Dropped 7 Pounds of Pure Fat and My Wife Lost 6.
We weren't even trying to lose weight. We certainly weren't exercising at all. We were both so busy with work, that the idea of adding a new exercise routine into our lives seemed impossible!

The weight...

The fat...

The anxiety...

All began to disappear.

Robert was so right... I honestly felt like a different person.

I noticed my headaches had stopped.

The brain fog was gone.

I was feeling so sharp and alert.

I didn't wake up groggy...

And After 2 Weeks,
I Had Lost 13 Pounds!

Can You Imagine That?
My Doctor Was Now Asking Me for Health Advice!?
A doctor for over 40 years at the world renowned Cedars Sinai hospital wanted to recommend my program to HIS patients too. I left that appointment with my head held so high.

It was one positive thing after another. All from that initial first domino of following Robert's information.

And by week 4...
I Was Down 22 Pounds and She Was Down 18 Pounds.

And when someone seemed really interested in making a change too, I gave them a copy of the journal I had been keeping throughout...

One night, while lying in bed with my wife, we excitedly discussed all these successes. And almost as an afterthought...

my wife said,

I'm going to show you exactly what foods to eat and what foods to avoid so your diet will be healthy without these toxic substances.

Imagine living life without hating the way you look and feel.

Are you ready for the biggest transformation of your life?

Your friends are going to notice this change in you and ask you what the heck you're doing.

And all you did was follow the simple Fat Loss Miracle system which includes:

You'll get my recommended wellness tracking tools, including the amazing app I use that makes life easy by tracking these toxic chemicals with a quick scan of a barcode, so that you can be sure you are only losing fat while rapidly gaining muscle definition.

And if you want to lose 50 pounds or more you will learn how you can reset your fat burning cycles in the next 24 hours.

It's everything you need to turn your mind, body and health around even if you have tried and failed at losing weight before. I don't want you to constantly go through the pains, frustrations, and depression for the rest of your life. It's time to end it NOW with the Fat Loss Miracle program.

And that's only the beginning!
In fact, as a sign of goodwill for listening to the whole presentation...

Everything you're getting here is enough to change your life. Faster than you can imagine.

But, I'm not done yet!

Because you're making a commitment to yourself today, I'm going to up the ante.

And include some amazingly powerful free bonuses
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Everyone is saying that The Fat Loss Miracle is the last weight loss product you'll ever need.

It's the most comprehensive system you can buy...

And if for some reason you don't lose the weight you want, (which hasn't happened yet) I'll refund every penny of your purchase with my Triple Money Back Guarantee.

The truth is, everyone is talking about The Fat Loss Miracle because it's such a smash hit, and you can't argue with success like that.

This is an investment in yourself.

Keep in mind that the information in The Fat Loss Miracle will be available to you instantly, complete with clear, to the point instructions and a simple step-by-step system.

You don't even have to say, "Yes", because you have 60 days to try out the Fat Loss Miracle program in it's entirety... it's Completely Risk-Free.

Download Everything Instantly

Now here's what's really great - you don't have to wait more than a minute to get this revolutionary system. In fact, you'll have it in just a few seconds.

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